E-WORDS kick off meeting

The University of Siena hosted the kick off meeting in Siena, on Oct 12th – 13th , 2017 at the Department of Political and International Sciences premises.

A representative of each Partner Organisation attended the meeting.

It was amazing to meet each other in person after so many e-mail exchanges, Skype and telephone calls during the setting up of the proposal.

Spending 2 days together helped to team up and get ready to start working together.




Prof. Alessandra Viviani, E-Words Co-ordinator (alessandra.viviani@unisi.it), gave a presentation of the project and the main aspects of the work plan were discussed and agreed on by all partners.

Visit E-WORDS YouTube Channel to watch some clips of the meeting.





During the kick off meeting, Prof. Viviani showed the Partners some proposals for the project logo.

Following a short discussion, we went for this and we are really proud of our choice!




E-WORDS Key Words

The Preparatory Activities led to the final selection of the key words:






E-WORDS Portal

Thanks to


Giacomo (giacomo.gandolfi@unisi.it),

Benedetta (basso4@student.unisi.it),

Camilla (camilla.fusato@student.unisi.it)

the E-Words Portal was created. Please, navigate throught its sections to discover what the project is about and be kept update of its activities.


E-WORDS on Social Networks

Thanks to our Social Network Manager,

Claudia (claudia.rustici@unisi.it),

the project has been activated on Facebook  , Twitter  and Instagram  since the kick off meeting. Please, follow us, “like”, share/retweet and comment.

Visit our YouTube Channel, too, to watch what we talked about during the kick off meeting in Siena.


E-WORDS Dissemination

Our Dissemination Manager,

Simonetta (simonetta.michelotti@unisi.it),

has been promoting the project and co-ordinating of the Partners’ disseminations activity since early October 2017. She works in tight collaboration with Giacomo, Benedetta, Camilla and Claudia to make Europeans aware of E-Words.



E-WORDS and European Solidarity Corps (updated!)

E-Words is really proud of its recruitment campaign! 14 ESC member joined the project and activelly worked alongside the Co-ordinators and the Partner Institutions!

We strongly believe in this EU initiatives! We are happy that E-WORDS was so well received amongst the young members of the European Solidarity Corps, they were very appreciated during your staying with us! Thanks for joining us!