E-WORDS and OFF-Book Came to Know Each Other

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On December 4th 2017 Alessandra Viviani (UniSi, E-WORDS co-ordinator) presented the project partnership, aims, work plan and list of events at the OFF Book kick off meeting, held in Florence, c/o Pixel on Dec 4 th -5 th 2017.

The OFF-Book project is funded by the European Commission through the the Lithuanian National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme with the aims to promote school inclusiveness and the mutual understanding among different cultures and to contribute to the prevention of early school leaving.

The meeting was a great opportunity to disseminate E-WORDS to school teachers, theatrical educators and professors from the University of Klaipeda (Lithuania), co-ordinator of the OFF-Book project.

A. Viviani’s presentation was followed with interest and received the audience appreciation. In
particular the European colleagues positively commented on such a variety of partners, pursuing
the common aim to facilitate integration and dialogue in society through remembrance.
UniSi and Teatro Stabile Grosseto are also partner in OFF-Book.