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It’s TsGR Turn to Be E-WORDS Leading Partner

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Theatrical Labs in Arcidosso (IT) Will Take Our Key Words on Stage

May 2018

At the end of the webinars, the Partnership is ready to leave the academic environment and move to the outside world.

The first Partner to take the lead in this new phase is TsGR.

School community (students, teachers, parents) will be the main actor

School students from all over Italy will gather in Arcidosso (IT) to take part in E-WORDS theatrical labs.

Our extended event will see students and teachers reflect and express their opinion of our key words through theatrical performances.

Parents will take part in the labs, too.

Theatre then becomes an educational environment, characterised by the peer education approach and the knocking down of all the barriers between students and teachers.

All this is made possible by the E-WORDS project and the ability of TsGR educators.