Totalitarian Regimes and Human Rights in Oświęcim (PL)

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Jun 19th, 2018: Workshop – MDSM/International Youth Meeting Centre – Oswiecim (PL)

Totalitarian Regimes and Human Rights

One day workshop for school students

The event will involve primary school students in Oswiecim and Rajsko, with the aim to encoure them to express their feelings and ideas on human rights, totalitarian regimes and the concept of the Other.

A basi question will be asked: how come that the Other soon become the Enemy?

The event will be managed by a great team of educators: dr. Agnieszka Zajaczkowka (UNESCO Chair of the Jagiellonian University), dr. Alicja Bartus from MDSM/IYMC and for the schools Monica Bartosz, Malgorzata Siusta-Konopczynska and Marzena Wilk-Grabowska).