Cinigiano (IT): A Whole Town Hosts E-WORDS Theatrical Labs

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TsGR sets up a wide stage for theatrical labs on our Key Words

Two sessions (July 15th- 22nd and July 29th – August 5th, 2018) to be held both indoor (Cinigiano Theatre and Community Hall) and outdoor (Cinigiano air dance floor).

An extraordinary location for E-WORDS theatrical labs in the middle of the Italian Summer.

Cinigiano is situated between the Ombrone and Orcia Valleys in the foothhills of Mount Amiata (Grosseto District), a pleasent place where to escape from the hot Italian Summer.

Students and teachers from all Italy will take part in a full immersion theatrical experience (up to 10 hours a day, Monday to Saturday) to cover any moment of their life.

The event will be divided in lab-type activity and brainstorming.

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