We Get Off at the Next Stop: The Film

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November 8th, 2018 – National College Octavian Goga – Sibiu (RO)

We get off at the next stop, 2018, directed by Tedy Necula.

Romanian inspirational film, a must see in the E-WORDS Program.

The Director will present the film and take part in the debate to follow.

A group of people from different backgrounds, life styles and opinions, get stuck in a rail-car during a subway trip. The time spent together in confinement brings them to know each other behind the apperances.

The action take place a day after the Club Colectiv tragedy in Bucharest, when many young people were burnt to death, a tragedy that deeply affected Romania.

In its own way, We get off at the next stop is a film about Resistance, the way people can react and survive to tragedies.