Visit to Pitesti Prison: Ostracism at Its Worst

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E- WORDS in Pitesti (Romania)

November 26th, 2018

Visit to Pitesti Prison/ Mateias Mausoleum

The visit to Pitesti Prison, that is a memorial museum inside the former Pitesti penitentiary at this moment and which was active between 1941-1977, made us realize the most inhuman ways in which the political prisoners, who were against the communist doctrine, were tortured in order to give up their own convictions so that to follow the atheist communist ideology thus becoming reeducated.
The visit to Pitesti Prison was followed by a visit to Mateias Mausoleum, a monument dedicated to the resistance of the Romanian soldiers between 1916-1918 in the War of National Integration where the guide presented the students beside images and maps, an acoustic simulation of the war which was pretty amazing.

The pictures can show more than words (full gallery)

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