E-WORDS Italian Tour

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December 5th, 2018 in Imola: The Dialogue with the Romanian Families Living in Italy (key word ‘Identity’)

December 8th, 2018 in Rome: The Meeting with Young Europeans on How to Ease Social Tension (key word ‘Human Rights and Discrimination’)

Prof. Constantin Necula of LBUS visited Italy last week for two E-WORDS events

He participated in two meetings in Imola (Bologna District) and Rome.



The first meeting was held on Dec 5th at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church of Imola, Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Italy in Imola.

The Romanian families living in Italy reflected on the key word ‘Identity’ and its relation to the sharing of cummunity remembrance. An important part of Romanian recent past is linked to the ostacisation of the Christian communities, during Communism.

To build up a dialogue society the prevention of fanaticism and/or exstremis is needed.



The secondo meeting was held on Dec 8th at the Congress Hall of Seraphicum Faculty in Rome, during the 10th Anniversary Congress of Nepsis.

Over 1,000 young Europeans coming from 135 different cities participated in the the event, reflecting on the importance of human rights guarantee and non discrimination to pave the way to a European dialogue society.

This event took advantange from the experience LBUS built up in the past months on ideologic and religious ostracisation in Romania and in Europe, during last June events in Sibiu, Vicovul de Jos and Falticeni